Lisa Turnbull is a multi-disciplinarian specialising in the fields of shoemaking, art, design consulting and mentoring. 

She started her career in the production and design of luxury women's footwear with clientele throughout Australia, New Zealand, UK, France, Denmark and the US. After spending several years running every aspect of her business and assisting creative friends with their own pursuits, she found her place in this world - using her highly diversified experience and skill-set to collaborate and assist others in achieving their creative projects.  

At present, Lisa creates one-off custom footwear and is piecing together her first art collection. Not only does Lisa find undertaking such activities to be creatively fulfilling, she finds that keeping present in the industry by way of creating and offering product to the public, allows her to better understand the experiences of her creative peers. Through such involvement and direct experience, Lisa offers a deeper understanding when mentoring and managing others.

Lisa's approach, whether it be in her personal projects or assisting others, is focused on the value of self-improvement, personal growth and truly understanding oneself. She believes that creative focus should be applied to the improvement of ones work by always comparing to the work which you have previously completed rather than the work of others.  Her aim is to encourage self-reflection, striving for ones best and reducing unhealthy competitiveness in the creative industry.

For initial contact, whether it is just to meet and chat about creativity or to engage with a service, please email: